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Photographic / Digital and
X-Ray (medical and industrial).

TYPE INDX 900e and INDX 37 NDT Dryer

INDX 37 NDT Dryer
INDX 900e
INDX 37 NDT Dryer INDX 900e

COLENTA INDX-processors are supplied (depending on unit concerned)

# with level control in processorís dev/fix-tanks, incl. automatic fill up of chemistry in case of too low dev/fix-level.
# with level control in wash tanks, monitoring too high/low level, read out/alarm on controller display.
# with automatic waterfill up when processor is switched on.
# with filter in developer circulation system, incl. preprogrammable filter change setting/alarm, derived from m≤-amount
of processed media, with read out on display.

(for processing Industrial X-Ray films)

COLENTAís INDX-processors were developed on base of the MP units, but in order to meet the highest quality requirements for processing of industrial X-ray films, additional features are implemented in the INDX units. A special NDT-film developer / fixer crossover assy (patent pending) guarantees an absolute even processing all across the film size and running backs and flame pattern free (on both emulsion sides) results, dedicating the INDX units to be used for the most delicate jobs in the NDT X-ray testing.

INDX 43 2.0b
INDX 43/5MW INDX 43/55
INDX-processor INDX-processor


Exclusive for Carestream Health:

Industrex M37 Industrex M43ic / M43icN
Industrex Industrex